Opening/closing the case

To open the case first make sure, that no heavy load is on the modules. Because this can lead to overheating when the top cover is removed.
Always make sure that no tools or any other stuff can fall into the case.


When opening the case watch out not to touch the 230V cables or connector block in the back that lead to the power supplies. This can result in a danagerous electric shock.

Opening the case

First unscrew the M3 knurled screw (A) at the top back of the Antares. It may be necessary to pull the Antares out of the rack further than the rails allow. To to this pull the Antares out until the rails lock in place, and then use the levers to the left and right (as described in Rack mounting) to slide the Antares over the locking point. But don't pull to far, as the Antares could slip out of the rails!
Then slide the cover back (B) and carefully lift the cover so that the hooks don't get stuck and bend.

Closing the case

Place the cover onto the Antares so that the hooks fit into the holes in the chassis.
Then slide the cover to the front (B) while pushing the hooks downwards into the holes if they are stuck.
At last tighten the M3 knurled screw (A) at the top back of the Antares.

Opening the Antares coverFig. 1


Opening the case

Unscrew the 14 (six on top, eight on the sides; marked red below) M3 screws using a T8 Torx screwdriver and lift the cover.

Closing the case

Place the cover on top of the Arneb and check if the screwholes of the cover align with the ones in the chassis.
If this is not the case the cover is placed in the wrong direction. Tighten all 14 screws (marked red below) using a T8 Torx screwdriver.

Fig. 2: Cover screws (red circle); the four screws on the right side are not shown


Do not open the case of the Alasco.
If you encounter a problem with the Alasco please contact your vendor.