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Physical Interfaces

The t.RECS has quite a lot of physical interfaces. Some are located at the ATX I/O Shield of the chassis, some are located on the mainboard and some are connected to the Frontpanel.


ATX I/O Shield

At the back of the t.RECS, there is the standard ATX I/O Shield located with several connectors: DisplayPort for Modules 1 and 2, 2x USB-C per Module, a Management Ethernet port, 4x 10 Gigabit Switched Ethernet ports and 2x USB 2.0 which can be switched to individual modules via KVM.


The t.RECS carrier board has quite a lot of connectors on top and some at the ATX I/O Shield at the back (see below). The top connectors are described in the following figure.

Mainboard Headers