Server installation

The following chapter will give you an overview on how to install an maintain your t.RECS®
When working on the hardware, always wear ESD protection equipment.

Chassis unpacking, handling, mounting etc.

As the standard 2 RU chassis is based on Supermicro SC825, please refer to the official Chassis Handbook how to mount the chassis.

Microserver installation

COM-HPC has one connector at every side of the microservers. When installing a microserver onto the t.RECS mainboard, the microserver needs to be placed on the mainboard evenly and gentle force above the two connectors has to be applied until the microserver is in its final position.

When changing a microserver, shut down the corresponding microserver and turn the power for the microserver off in the managemant GUI. The rest of the system can stay powered if needed - although we recommend to power off the whole system to prevent any damage on the running system. To release the microserver, gently pull it up on the both sides where the COM-HPC connectors are located. Don't apply diagonal force.

Extension card installation

The t.RECS Mainboard has two PCI Express (PCIe) slots. The one located near to Module 1 in connected to the integrated PCIe switch and thus can be connected to one (or multiple) of the microservers.

The second PCIe slot at the bottom of the t.RECS microserver is directly connected to Module 1.

Fan replacement

If a fan is broken, makes strange noise or doesn't rotate as wanted, it has to be replaced immediately. Please refer to the official Chassis Handbook for fan replacement procedure.

When opening the lid of the chassis and working on the system, watch out that the system is not overheating during the changing process.