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Fan replacement

A fan that has damaged blades schould be replaced immediately, because the bearing will break very fast due to the imbalance and resulting vibrations.
When changing a fan on a working system be very carefull not to touch the blades or get any cables into the running fans. Also watch out that the system is not overheating during the changing process.
Watch out that the plugs are correctly placed on the baseboard. As a short circuit or misalignment of the pins will damage the baseboard.

Open the case according to the Opening/closing the case chapter of this wiki. First disconnect the fan from its power source and make sure the cable is not stuck anywhere.

Fan connectors on an CXP baseboardFig. 1 Fan connectors on an ARM baseboardFig. 2


  1. To remove the fan simply drag it out of the mounting plate diagonally.
  2. Unscrew the anti-vibration-rubber from the broken fan with a PH2 screwdriver, and screw them diagonally onto the new fan so that the cable and airflow point in the right direction when installed.
  3. Push the fan back into the mounting plate.
  4. Arrange the cable under the fans and connect it.

Removing a fan from the AntaresFig. 3 Affinity of fans to the connectors on the baseboardsFig. 4


  1. Unscrew the two screws that hold the fan to the chassis with a PH2 screwdriver.
  2. Replace the fan with a new one considering the airflow direction.
  3. Tighten the two screws.
  4. Plug the cable onto the baseboard.