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Compute module installation

When changing a module shut this module down and turn the power for the module off in the managemant GUI. The rest of the system can stay powered.

COM Express module

Before installing a Com Express module check if the RAM is installed, and that the heatspreader is correctly mounted, and depending on the module if all thermal pads are in place. Also the orientation of the heatsink fins has to follow the airflow trough the case. If it is an Antares the cooling fins have to point from the front to the back. In an Arneb case they have to point from side to side.
The screwholes where the module lays on the spacer bolts (8 mm in height) have to be free. Or smaller spacer bolts (5 mm high) have to be installed.

  1. When the module is ready to be plugged in place the two holes next to the COM Express connector over the corresponding spacer bolt. Then slide the outer CXP connector into the outer connector on the baseboard. Do this while tilting the module a bit, so that only the outer connector slides in
  2. Then push the module down where the connector is by pressing on the heatsink. While holding the pressure push the module down with a luffing movement on the end where no CXP connector is. The module should now slide into the second CXP connector and be in place
  3. check if the module is mounted correctly and is not loose

Correct installation of on CXP moduleFig. 1

When starting the module for the first time after installation, it is necessary to set the time again, as the modules don't have an own battery and are provided with electricity for the clock by the battery on the frontpanel.

Apalis module

Before installing an Apalis module check if the thermal pads are installed, and that the heatsink doesn't touch any electronic components. Especially where the breakouts in the heatsink are. Also check if the screws are tightend and the clamp is locked in place.
When bending the plasic holder be carefull and do not bend them too far as they could break off. If this happens try to repair them using superglue without detaching the plasic holder from the baseboard, as this can lead to a broken baseboard.

  1. insert the module into the Apalis connector on the baseboard
  2. push the module down while bending the plastic holder a bit to the outside so that the heatspreader can slide past the holder
  3. release the pastic holder back to the original position and let the module snap up into the plastic holder
  4. check if the module is locked in place

Installation of an Apalis moduleFig. 2

To remove a module proceed with the opposite procedure.